Workforce Education & Training

Supporting local career opportunities through no-cost workforce and education programs.

We ensure the Inland Empire is aware of emerging technologies and changing production processes related to energy efficiency and advanced energy skill sets.

We need a skilled workforce in the communities we serve. But there’s a gap for job seekers who don’t have the necessary training to take advantage of opportunities in the clean energy economy.

I-REN brings comprehensive, equitable, and targeted training to people of the Inland Empire so they can pursue careers and contract opportunities in energy efficiency.

Our no-cost, short- and mid-term support for training and education to the regional workforce helps bring about energy efficiency and savings goals for the residential and commercial markets.

Program Details

Our programs include the following:

Training & Education

  • Establish local partnerships, so job seekers have easy access to training and education.
  • Assess the training resources currently available.
  • Support providers to “train the trainer” on energy efficiency topics and trends.

Workforce Development

  • Connect with local companies to develop appropriate job pathways.
  • Develop energy efficiency training for job pathways.
  • Foster connections between industry and workforce development organizations.
  • Help job seekers find employment in energy efficiency and advanced energy.
  • Collaborate with employers to provide continuing education for professional development and employee retention.

Contact Information

If you are a student wishing to learn more about no-cost training and education for a job in the energy field, email us.

If you are a local business interested in learning more about our workforce development programs, email us.